COSPLAY CRAFTSMANSHIP CONTEST: Would you love to show off your awesome cosplay on stage? When you register for the cosplay craftsmanship contest, you will be given a chance to show off your costume on stage! Even if you rather not be judged, we have a exhibition walk-ons category as well.


EXHIBITION: This category is for people who only want to show off their costume on stage for fun. It will not be for competing to receive awards. This category allows: commission costumes and store-bought costumes. There will be a limit to this category depending on contestants.

JUNIORS (Ages 12 and under): This category is for those who are 12 and under. You are allowed to receive help on your costume from friends and family.

ORIGINAL DESIGN: This category is for all costumes that are based on your own design or a fanart design. There is no award limitation for this category.

NOVICE: This category is for contestants that are new to making costumes for themselves. No more than 1 major award and/or no more than 4 costumes made.

JOURNEYMAN: This category is for contestants that have won no more than 3 major awards and/or more than 10 costumes made.


All costumes must have been made from scratch by the costume creator. Most of your items need to be made by you. Commissioned costumes cannot be entered into the contest but is welcomed to be in the exhibition category. No fanart costumes will only be permitted in the original design category. All costumes must be derived from the original source material/artist/creator.

You can register for the contest at the cosplay sign-in/judging table. Remember if your costume is being judged for craftsmanship you must have a printed reference of your character for the accuracy score. It is preferred for it to be a color printout, but bringing figures, tablets, manga, books, laptops, etc., will also be accepted. We will schedule you a time at sign-up to come back for judging of your outfit. Judging will be on 10 minute blocks so make sure to come a little early for your time just in case someone drops. You must be on time for your judging spot or you will have to re-register for a time if there is one still available. So coming early and waiting is encouraged!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the convention in March! Be sure to join us!